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Using Fluidly for VAT and growth planning at quarter-end
Using Fluidly for VAT and growth planning at quarter-end
A recap of two ways Fluidly helps you start conversations at the end of a quarter
Written by Ashley Barker
Updated over a week ago

1. Using Fluidly for VAT returns at quarter-end

As you’re preparing for quarter-end, try this simple way to start conversations.

Step 1: Log in and visit the “View my forecast” page for a specific client, then adjust to “monthly view”

Step 2: Open out the “Costs and expenses” row to reveal your client’s quarterly VAT estimates

Step 3: Take a look at the figures. Can your client afford to pay? Would they like to know the total for the quarter ahead of time?

Step 4: Note down any observations or specific transactions, which you can take to your client

Step 5: Take a screenshot, which you can use to prompt the discussion

2. Help clients make a plan for the next three months

After discussing VAT, you can help clients think about their plans for the next quarter.

Step 1: Log in and visit the “Plan for the future” page for a specific client

Step 2: Click “Start plan” for your scenario of choice, such as “Expand by hiring more staff”

Step 3: Set the page to “monthly’ view and adjust the sliders, depending on what costs you’d like to adjust and predict

Step 4: Save and download the scenario you’ve built, which you can share with the client

Step 5: Use the scenario to add something visual to client conversations. Ask questions like, “if you continue doing X, did you know you could afford to X?”

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