1. Add something extra to your month-end reports

As you’re finalising your month-end process, here’s a quick and easy way to add a bit of extra value to your reports.

Step 1: Log in and visit the “overview” page for a specific client

Step 2: Take a screenshot of their month-on-month cashflow situation

Step 3: Add this screenshot to your month-end reports

Step 4: Ask your clients the following questions, alongside the report:

  • Is the change in cash coming in what you expect?

  • Is the change in cash going out what you expect?

  • Is there anything big that’s missing?

2. Uncover conversations starters by looking at your clients’ cashflow

To dig a little deeper, and offer something even more compelling at month-end, try the below.

Step 1: Visit the “View my forecast” page for a specific client

Step 2: Look at the overall trend of their forecast:

  • What picture is the next three months showing?

  • Is this what your client expects?

  • If cash levels are falling, is there a plan in place to mitigate this?

Step 3: Note down their “opening cash” and “closing cash”, then prepare questions around:

  • Sales:

    • Are sales growing, falling or static?

    • Do they expect this?

    • Have they got a plan in place to counteract this, like increasing sales?

  • Costs and expenses:

    • What are their costs looking like?

    • Are they spending more on marketing in a given month, for example?

    • Can you learn anything from their recurring transactions?

Step 4: Download their monthly forecast as a PDF or into Excel and attach to their month-end pack

Step 5: Add your observations to their month-end pack, to uncover issues or opportunities that might need addressing

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