Can I see any previously deferred payments?

Yes, you can. Any deferred amounts in your balance sheet liability will show in a blue banner once you’ve selected a cell on your VAT account line.

These won’t be included in the forecast initially, but you can set up a payment plan using the ‘Add another VAT estimate’ guide above. Once your payment plan is set up, the banner can be dismissed using the ‘X’ icon on the right.

Can I defer an upcoming VAT estimate?

Yes, you can. Select the calendar icon next to the date of the estimate and choose a date you'd like to move it to.

Alternatively, you can edit that amount to 0 and set up a payment plan by adding a monthly VAT estimate:

  1. Select the cell in the forecast where you want to add the estimate
  2. Select ‘Add a VAT estimate’
  3. Fill in the form
  4. Select ‘Add’

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