1. The basics

Learn how to:

  • Monitor your entire portfolio, uncover cashflow issues and take action

  • Easily view and adjust Fluidly's cashflow predictions

  • Prioritise debtors and help clients collect overdue debt

  • Measure the impact of different scenarios on clients' businesses

  • Retrieve tailored funding offers for clients

Next steps:

  • Log in to Fluidly and take a look around.

2. First steps in Fluidly

Learn how to:

  • Edit or configure clients' cashflow forecast

  • Adjust which bank accounts are included into clients' forecasts

  • Reintroduce excluded invoices into clients' forecasts, if they've passed their expected payment date

Next steps:

  • Add or remove a bank account from clients' cashflow forecast

  • Examine excluded receivables and payables invoices – why have they past their expected payment date? Are they unpaid or unreconciled?

3. Make the most of Portfolio View

Learn how to:

  • Look for signs of cashflow issues – and use them to start conversations

  • Understand the pre-qualified funding offers available to clients

  • Invite clients to use Fluidly Starter for free

Next steps:

  • Look at your own portfolio view – can you spot any cashflow issues?

  • Which clients have pre-qualified funding offers available? Have you ever discussed finance with them?

4. Model different "what if..." scenarios

Learn how to:

  • Use plan different "What if..." scenarios for clients

  • Vary timeframes, include and exclude inputs and rename different scenarios

Next steps:

  • What are you hearing from your clients or within your own business?

  • Pick a scenario and model it within Fluidly

5. Help clients get cash in the bank

Learn how to:

  • How Fluidly categorises business' debtors into different risk categories

  • The actions you can take to improve clients' incoming cashflow

  • How to record and refresh information using Intelligent Chase

Next steps:

  • Which debtors are causing clients problems?

  • How could you use the information and features in Fluidly to improve incoming cashflow?

  • If clients have spoken to a particular debtor recently, mark them as chased in Fluidly.

6. Introducing Funding

Learn how:

  • Fluidly retrieves pre-qualified funding offers for your clients

  • Funding offers are generated using a combination of accounting and public data

Next steps:

  • Speak to your account manager about helping clients find funding.

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