How to launch a cashflow service
Start conversations and get clients using Fluidly
Written by Ashley Barker
Updated over a week ago

1. Cashflow services overview

Read this guide for an overview of launching a new service, engaging clients and pricing effectively:

2. Build interest in cashflow services

Read this article for a closer look at engaging clients with cashflow services:

Add these images to LinkedIn or Twitter posts to to tell clients you're working with Fluidly:

Add this cashflow advisor badge to your email signature:

Use this Fluidly logo in other marketing communications, like newsletters or email campaigns.

3. Identify clients and help them get started:

Read this article for a closer look at uncovering which clients to help:

Share this guide with clients to help them get started with Fluidly:

4. Price your service line

Read this article for a closer look at pricing your cashflow advisory service:

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