Intelligent Chase allows you to act on the information within Fluidly and easily chase your customers.

Now what?

At this stage, you can either send an email to a debtor from within Fluidly or you can mark that particular debtor as having been chased, if you have spoken to them over the phone or used your own email browser.

Emailing from within the product provides convenience, whilst using your own email browser allows you to format emails (eg. adding signatures), with Fluidly's email being sent in a plain text format.

And after that?

Any replies from your debtors will land back into the inbox of the sender. If you happen to have both an individual and a team email address (eg. [email protected] and [email protected]), you may wish to use the latter as this will allow colleagues to view and act upon any responses.

Fluidly will also populate the Last Chased column within that particular debtor, allowing you to easily understand when a customer was last contacted.

As invoices are paid, they will be removed from the Intelligent Chase list. Fluidly syncs with your accounting software on an hourly basis (this can be slower when experiencing high traffic volumes), ensuring that this information is up to date.

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