Introducing Intelligent Chase
Get cash in the bank whilst better understanding your debtors
Written by Ashley Barker
Updated over a week ago

Fluidly's Intelligent Chase tool puts you in control of your collections, allowing you to focus your time effectively and get cash in the bank.

Understanding your debtors

The headline figures break your customers down by those who typically pay you on time, those who pay you late and those who pay you very late. 

Late is defined as 1 - 30 days after due date, on average, whilst very late is defined as >30 days after due date.

Within these categorisations, your debtors are then ordered by amount outstanding and alongside each debtor you will find information on how long they typically take to pay.

So what?

The tool is designed to give you an immediate sense of the task at hand, providing you with clear next steps.

A number of Fluidly customers have used information on their customers' past payment performance to re-negotiate payment terms, allowing them to better manage their cashflow.

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