Whilst the By account line forecast allows you to see the bigger picture, the Breakdown allows you to drill deeper into the drivers of a business' cashflow.

Adjusting the timeframe

The Breakdown screen will default to showing the incoming and outgoing cash for the full month that you're currently in, but this can be adjusted to a specific timeframe.

Using the two calendar icons that sit by the start and end date at the top of the page, you can narrow in on or expand out as required. When doing so, the values below will automatically adjust to show the cash in and cash out for the adjusted period.

Adjusting the forecast

Lower down the page, you will find a list of invoices and predictions relevant to the specified period of time.

Those at the top of the results are invoices that have passed their expected payment date - not their due date, but the date on which historic behaviour suggests they will be paid - and we believe you should review.

By clicking the tick box or using the ellipsis button, you can either adjust the payment date or hide these invoices from the cashflow forecast.

Finding a specific customer or supplier

A key benefit of using the Breakdown screen is that you can search by particular customers, suppliers or invoices and then adjust the forecast accordingly.

Any changes made here will feed through into the main forecast on the By account line view.

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