Now that you're familiar with how Fluidly's cashflow forecast is generated, we want you to add your insights to enrich the data contained within it.

Fluidly allows you to edit predictions and the buffer, so let's find out how. 

Any cells that have been edited display a small purple triangle to highlight to users where changes have been made.

Editing a prediction

Fluidly allows you to both edit and remove Fluidly predictions, as well as editing predictions added by users. When clicking on a cell, Fluidly will default to the 'cash in' or 'cash out' tab of the modal based on whether the account line is a receivable or a payable.

Users can then 'add a prediction' by inputting information on the date of the transaction, the amount, its proposed frequency (one off, weekly, monthly, quarterly), and the counterpart. Counterparts are taken from your contacts in Xero.

Predictions that have been added by users can then be edited and removed, with edited predictions shown with a silver icon and those that have been removed being displayed strikethrough formatting.

Editing the buffer

The buffer can be removed and then re-added as required, however, it is not possible to edit it at this point in time.

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