Fluidly is designed to be as intuitive and as easy to use as possible, but we always like to provide pointers where things may be a little more complicated.


Fluidly shows both historic and forecasted information - all figures in light grey and to the left of the fold are historic values, whilst everything in bold and to the right of the fold is a current or projected future value.

Fluidly shows up to three months of historic data and twelve months of projected data. Users can amend the timeframe that they are viewing within Fluidly by switching between the daily, weekly and monthly views available at the top of the page.

Bank Balances

Fluidly shows a starting and a closing bank balances for each period (day, week, month) within the forecast. The starting bank balance is the sum of all 'bank accounts' (as categorised in Xero) for that particular period, with the closing balance being the combined value of the starting bank balance and the net cashflow.

The net cashflow is the sum of the values contained within the cashflow below.

Account Lines and Categorisation

Fluidly's cashflow forecast is broken down by the account lines within Xero, and only account lines with a recent cashflow movement will be shown. This timeframe varies by account line as certain accounts are expected to be more active than others.

Fluidly's forecast is broken down by cashflow from operations, investing and financing, as categorised by Xero. For further information on this, please use the live chat or contact support@fluidly.com.

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