We're aware that it's not always plain-sailing with your customers, and that there may be times when you'd prefer not to send them payment reminder emails but equally do not want to lose sight of an ongoing issue.

The dispute functionality works at an invoice level, and will indefinitely postpone any automated reminders due to be sent out in the future. An invoice can be labelling as in dispute in several ways: 

  • Clicking on an invoice reference anywhere in the product, then using the ellipsis (three vertical dots) button to service the 'add dispute' option.
  • Using the tick box beside the invoice reference on an individual customer record page, then clicking the exclamation mark icon at the top of the table to set an invoice, or multiple invoices, as being disputed. 
  • Accessing the 'Invoices' tab, and then using the tick box beside the invoice reference in a similar way as listed in the above point.

Similarly, users can end disputes by doing the reverse of any of the steps listed above. 

Any invoices that have been listed as disputed will also be presented in the Actions list, and will remain there until the dispute has been ended.

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