In order for Fluidly to be able to generate an automated cashflow forecast, you may need to tweak your permission settings to allow us to import the relevant information from your accounting software.

The information below breaks down how to do this for each piece of software.

Once you have taken the steps detailed below, you will simply need to re-sync Fluidly with your accounting software by clicking the 'sync now' button in the top right corner of the product.


As a Xero customer, you’re given a user role, which defines which parts of the software you can and can’t see. 

To create a cashflow forecast, we need to access 'All reports'. The user roles that allow us to do this are ‘Advisor’, ‘Standard’ or 'Read only’. If this isn’t you, you’ll need to change your user role or import a Xero account which has one of those roles.

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