Introducing the Customers page

The Customers page allows you to view the debtors that comprise your client base. Customers can be filtered using the menu on the right side of the page, allowing you to view a number of different statuses. The Customers list can also be sorted in various different ways, whilst the Customer name is clickable allowing you to progress to a particular customer reference.

Explaining the icons above the Customer list

The icons above the table of customers allow you to dictate and amend the type of reminders that go out to a particular customer. This can be amended on a particular customer’s record page, but this view alongs you to do it on a bulk basis. Any changes will be reflected in the Reminder Settings column.

Clicking on a Customer record.

The customer record page will give you all the relevant information for a particular customer, allowing you to view statistics, payment information, invoices, a record of all customer interactions and their reminder settings.

This page also allows you to both contact and record any interactions with debtors, all of which will appear in the Activity section on the right side of the page. You can also pin a note, which will result in this record remaining at the top of the Activity list, as well as it appearing in the aged debtor report alongside the relevant customer record. 

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