Adding new users

You can add additional users by accessing the Settings page, finding Your team halfway down the page and clicking ‘Invite another user’. Once you have invited another user, they will receive an email from Fluidly inviting them to set a password, after which they will now have access to the platform. We recommend suggesting to new users to check their junk email folder should they not have received the invite email within two minutes of it having been sent.

We also recommend suggesting that they bookmark the Fluidly app, for future usage.

Adding a company logo

When you begin your credit control efforts with Fluidly, why not add your company logo to the statements that you send to your debtors? 

You can add your company’s logo, which will then appear on all statements that are sent out to clients. Fluidly allows you to use jpg/jpeg and png files.

Changing the base currency

We recognise that Fluidly users hail from all over the globe, so we want you to be able to use the product wherever you are.

Whilst Fluidly recognises customer invoices in all major currencies, we also allow you to switch your core, operational currency to any of the following: Pound Sterling (GBP), Unite States Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), Australian Dollar (AUD), and New Zealand Dollar (NZD). We hope to expand our offering in due course, so we’d love to hear from you to know which currency your business operates in.

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