Fluidly's portfolio view - available to our accounting partners - allows accountants and advisors to seamlessly switch between multiple clients or organisations when using Fluidly.

Adding organisations

Let's start with adding new organisations and building your portfolio.

When logged into Fluidly, use the dropdown menu on the top left side of the page to view your existing portfolio or to add a new organisation straight away. If you choose to first view your portfolio, you can then click 'add' to begin this process from this screen.

When adding a new organisation, you will be redirected to the accounting software and will be guided through the integration process, after which you will taken back to Fluidly and the import will begin.

Importing an organisation can take several hours, depending on the size of the data contained within the accounting software, after which it will then show within your Fluidly portfolio.

Switching between organisations and adding users

The dropdown menu allows you to seamlessly switch between organisations whilst using Fluidly.

You may wish to add team members or the client to their Fluidly account, in order to do this, simply access their Fluidly organisation and then Settings to repeat the process described here.

These individuals will only be able to access this particular Fluidly organisation and not your wider portfolio. If you would like to add users that can access the wider portfolio, please contact us using the live chat or via support@fluidly.com

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